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The 5 Best Cats of Instagram

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So this is a completely gratuitous and self indulgent post sharing my unabridged love for that furry friend known as the CAT! We set up a shop account on Instagram as we're both creative types and like composing photos at Hop Hideout to share. I've somehow ended up finding and following Instagram accounts about cats! (and beer and music!). I thought I'd share 5 of the best cat Instagram accounts out there in my humble opinion...take a look.  

Here's my 5 Best Cat Accounts of Instagram:

Distillery Cats - Set up in the US but features photos from all over the world of cats in their home habitats of working distilleries and breweries.  This cool cat is pictured from 2nd Shift Brewing

Cats on Synthezisers in Space - this person has a lot of time on their hands and some skills with Photoshop BUT I love it! Space-age cats all looking resplendent playing synths in the cosmos - what more could you want!?!

Cats On Tap  - This is for you to get involved with at home, if you have a cat and you like beer, just take photo of the two together #beercat and post the Cats on Tap crew. Take a look at their photos for ideas and you might get a regram - then everyone gets to see how gorgeous your cat is! 

Cats On Amps - Basically the above but with guitar amps!

Wade Cats - I don't really know much about this account other than Wade Cats paints beguiling images of cats, often with a beer reference and you see his artwork around Cantillon's Zwanze day. I'm intrigued...