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Sept to Oct Events - Tag!

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Fri 5th Sept: The 100 Best Breweries Bookazine authors Chris Hall & Craig Heap host an IPA evening (beer & cheese sampling)

£15, 7-9pm, Electric Candlelight Cafe

"IPA is a style that epitomises the flavour and artistry of great craft beer. Despite its popularity, IPA is still a widely misunderstood style, and it couldn't be more different now to the pale ales first exported to India over two hundred years ago.

Chris Hall and Craig Heap, co-authors of 365 Best Beers in The World and 100 Best Breweries in The World, will guide you through IPA's murky origins to its perhaps equally murky present incarnations. Along the way, you will taste your way through IPA's history as an exported pale ale, a vehicle for revolution, and a platform for creativity and showmanship.
To help soak up all that history, hops and high alcohol beer, Chris and Craig will also match each IPA to a delicious cheese from a local deli. Book your ticket now for a drinking session through history."

Chris Hall
Beer Writer
Co-author of Craft Beer: 100 Best Breweries in The World

Through Sept & October we will be hosting - Tag! 

Our beer label art exhibition featuring work from Alec Doherty, Jim C, Benjamin Cooney & Richard Norgate.