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Festive Big Bottle Beer Guide

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Festive Big Bottle Beer Guide

Nothing says Christmas more than a big beautiful bottle of beer to share round the table, or tree! Whether it's with your mince pie, turkey roast or that game of charades. We've pulled together a few of our recent favourites from a special Belgian oude gueuze (this year's HORAL Mega Blend) or a magnum of Chouffe to a festive pudding stout (Intrepid from the Peak District) and more. Dig out your box of soft-centre chocolates and have a read through for crimbo beer ideas! You have eight sleeps.....GO

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Weird Beard x Northern Monk - Habitual Offender 11.6%


Collaboration barley wine with sweet flavours of cherry drops and cake icing with a brandy nose and stone fruit richness. Ideal with marzipan rich stollen



Torrside Brewing - Monsters Series, BA Rauchwine 11.0%


Torrside's Monster Series have been gaining great support from beer consumers and this smoked barleywine is a parti-gyle of Hopfenrauch aged for 6 months in whisky casks. Rich sweetness, meets smoke and great with a rich cheeseboard, especially strong blue cheese! Absolutely bangin' value too at £9.60 for 750mls!




Cloudwater x Jester King:
Spirit Animal Loquart Elderflower

I would have included more Cloudwater big bottles in this list but all of the imperial stout went in 24 hours! However, when thinking about a beer that would pair with a wide range of flavours on your festive table, actually this elderflower saison is bang on the money. Delicate, floral, dry, refreshing, thirst quenching. A great to wash really rich foods along and re-set the palette. Plus it's a Jester King collaboration! A highly rated US farmhouse inspired brewery who know their way around this style. £11.00, 750ml. 

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Brew By Numbers' Biere De Garde 18/08 pairs along similar lines to the Cloudwater saison but if you're not a fan of floral elderflower notes yet still want that thirst quenching hit; this would be the beer for you.