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Growler Care 101

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Looking after your growler or flagon or beer holding vessel (whatever you like to call it) is THE most important thing to have the best beer tasting experience you can. 

We recommend this little hit list to make sure you have the best experience long term:

  • After finishing your beer always rinse your growler straight after and turn upside to dry completely on your drying rack. If you don't have time and it's late on, place it back in the fridge to keep the germs at bay and do in the morning. 
  • Before re-filling at your fav beer shop *coughs* Hop Hideout, we recommend you sterilise & sanitise the growler. Use a bottle brush to clean the inside, use boiling water to rinse inside and out (just be careful here & don't go from hot to cold water as the item may crack). We also recommend a good spray of sanitiser after such as is used in home brewing (try Star San), oh and  make sure you read their instructions carefully. 
  • YAY! Done and now you can have fresh tasty beer filled into your growler....


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