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Beery Beertography Birthday Photos

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Thanks to @beer_farts for making us smile everyday during our third birthday week on his #Instagram. We wanted to celebrate this beer community that we feel a part of & with that in mind commissioned this wonderful series of photos. 

The first post featured friends #ElusiveBrewing &#CheshireBrewhouse with our Thai Yum Wit collab. Hurrah! #beertography #lego#beerybirthday #beercommunity#craftbeer #beer 
#goodbeer   #goodfriends#goodtimes

Day two of @beer_farts #beerybirthday series & it was one of Will's favourites, Omnipollo - Noa BA. We managed to source a keg of the delicious impy stout Noa for our birthday weekend; that didn't last long!

Day three and it was a New World as we woke up to news of the new US president... we didn't know whether to laugh or cry @beer_farts #beerybirthday post.

One thing we do know, life is better with good friends around. Northern Monk Brew Co started around the same time as Hop Hideout, cuckoo brewing initially & we hosted one of their first meet the brewer events in Jan 2014. Fellow beer community souls. It's been ace to watch them grow & we were chuffed to be able to brew a collab back in August a watermelon Berliner weiss called Watermelon Crush too.

Day four & it was one of Jules' favourites (she discovered this US beer at Copenhagen Beer Celebration). Wicked Weed - Serentiy, a divine 100% Brett barrel aged farmhouse ale. 

Day five was our birthday launch - Friday 11th Nov & the final @Beer_Farts photo featured friends Mad Hatter Brewing with their classic pale Penny Lane.