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Sheffield - Skegness 100 Night Ride.

A few people have asked so, just putting it out there. The basic plan is to leave the shop at 10pm Friday 21st April giving us  8 hours to reach the coast before sunrise.

The route is very flat and avoids main roads where possible, however as it's overnight the traffic should be minimal. There is one 24hr garage open in Lincoln, so you might want to bring some food and water to last at least 50 miles. You will also require lights to see, with a run time of 8 hrs. A tool, spare tubes, patch kit. Suitable clothing, weather dependent but I wouldn't go without a lightweight waterproof.

You must be competent enough to ride the distance and be self sufficient. There is no support car or anyone to give you a lift if you can't manage it. It's not a race but you are welcome to ride at your own pace. You must be able to navigate for yourself either by GPS, map or route sheet. Your bike should be in good working order, you really don't want to be walking the miles back to Lincoln to get the first train home. 

I/We accept no responsibility for your own stupidity. Please do take care though! The route sheet and gpx file are available to download below, they are provided as a guide, you should check through them and make sure you know where going. If you get lost then you should be able to get yourself un-lost.


Getting home is either a short ride up to Cleethorpes where the trains are 26 mins past every hour from 7.26 am or if anyone fancies it, or, like me to tight to pay for the train, riding back is also an option.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or 'HELL YES I'M IN!' using the form below.

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