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A Big Old Loop Of Yorkshire

700km Self supported reliability ride



Extreme points of Yorkshire is 700km ish route to the far flung corners of the historic Yorkshire Ridings, from Dunsop Bridge on the west to spurn point on the east. Taking in the industrial mill towns of West Yorkshire, a healthy dose of the Yorkshire dales, the killer hills of the north York moors, even a spin along the flatlands of the Humber.

You must be competent enough to ride the distance and be self sufficient. There is no support car or anyone to give you a lift if you can't manage it. It's not a race but you are welcome to ride at your own pace. You must be able to navigate for yourself either by GPS, map or route sheet. Your bike should be in good working order, you really don't want to be walking the miles back to the nearest station to get the first train home. 

There will be a group ride once a year, but feel free to complete the route whenever you like, just send proof of passage ( time stamped recipts, photos, .FIT files all count ) if you want to go on the finishers list.

North - High Force

South - Grange Farm

East - Spurn Point

West - Dunsop Bridge



The ride is run in a self supported randonneur style. You are an adult and should be able to look after yourself. How you plan to ride is up to you. Check the weather before you set off. Carry what you think you will need. Sleep in hotels, bus stops, ditches, whatever it takes.

Ride as a group or solo, just look out for each other as everyone should.

There's no prizes, no cup, no badges. Just your name on a finishers list, memories and sense of smug satisfaction. 

I/We accept no responsibility for your own stupidity. Please do take care though! The route sheet and gpx file are available to download, they are provided as a guide, you should check through them and make sure you know where going. If you get lost then you should be able to get yourself un-lost.

NB. For the pedants, the pionts are based on the historic boundarys of the Yorkshire Ridings and some of the points are estimated to as near as i could find using Googles etc.


2018 edition

We will be departing from hop Hideout at 6 am Friday 24 August 2018 and aim to be back before midnight the day after. Join the strava event through link below or send us a message via the form at the bottom of the page. 

Use the form below to sign up or register interest.

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