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Tasting Room: Beer Menu

You can now come down & have a drink, like a micropub!  Tasting Room information:

  • Our Tasting Room will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 12 noon till closing, please check our about page for closing times as they do vary.
  • We are only a small retail space, so numbers at times may be limited, we appreciate your understanding on this.
  • We will be operating a drink in option, similar to other bottle shops in the UK, where the bottles/cans stock can be enjoyed on site. There is a +80p added to each bottle/can item purchased to be opened and consumed in the shop (this does not apply to the draught and soft drink options).
  • With five keg draught beer taps, over 400 different bottled beers and a hand-picked selection of bottled ciders/perries, which can be enjoyed in intimate surroundings, we believe this is a perfect space to while away a few beery hours.
  • We have a select range in the fridges, including a dedicated can fridge, if there's anything you really fancy that you've seen on our social media posted recently, tweet us @HopHideout before you head down and we can put this in the fridge ready for you.
  • All opened alcoholic drinks must be consumed on site in the shop, we again, appreciate your understanding on this.

We look forward to welcoming you!


We are excited to announce our new five tap keg wall is up and running. With a full install providing perfectly chilled beer dispense via Perlick taps, plus a CO2 gas tap to purge your growlers before filling. We now offer growlers in 750ml and 1L sizes or bring your own!

We also love it when people drink in at the shop, so please do come down. Our garden area is open during warmer times, providing an additional intimate seating space during the summer months.

1. Magic Rock Brewing: Telepathy (IPA) 7.2% UK
2. Magic Rock Brewing x Orange Bike: Shredder (Wheat with Orange) 4.5% UK
3. Unity Brewing Co x 40FT: Seeing Red (Begian Inspired Red Ale) 5% UK
4. Marble Brewery: Dobber IPA 6.5% UK
5. De Molen: Hel & Verdoemenis (Imperial Stout) 10%  Netherlands




  • De Molen: Rasputin (Imperial Stout) 10.4% Netherlands
  • Unity Brewing Co: Riparius (Watercress & Lemon Biere Blanche) 4.2% UK
  • To Ol: Mochaccino Messiah (Brown Ale with Coffee & Lactose) 7% Denmark
  • To Ol: Sur Blomst (Sour Mashed Pale with elderflowers) 6% Denmark
  • To Ol: Limon (Cream Ale with Lemon) 3.5% Denmark
  • Marble Brewery: Table Beer (Pale Ale) 2.7% UK
  • To Ol: Shock Series IPA ASP (Amarillo, Simcoe, Pacific Gem) 7% Denmark
  • To Ol: Shock Series IPA Cedar (Aged on Cedar Spirals) 7% Denmark
  • De Molen: x Omnipollo:Sitis (Imperial Pineapple IPA) 8.5% Netherlands
  • Tanker Brewery: Masinaoli (Black IPA) 6.66% Estonia
  • De Molen: Dag & Dauw (IPA with bergamot) 7.1% Netherlands
  • De Molen: Rasputin (Imperial Stout) 10.4% Netherlands
  • Northern Monk x Alefarm: Saesoner (Dry Hopped Saison) 7% UK x Denmark
  • De Molen: Frank &Vrij (Vermont style IPA) 6.9% Netherlands
  • Buxton: King Slayer 8% (DIPA) UK
  • Magic Rock x Other Half: Half Cut (DIPA) 8% UK x USA
  • North Brewing Co x Het Uiltje: DIPA 8.5% UK x Holland
  • North Brewing Co: Coffee White IPA 6% UK 
  • Buxton Brewery: King Slayer (DIPA) 8% UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Grapefruit High Wire 5.5% UK
  • Garden Brewery: Citrus IPA 7.2% Croatia
  • Buxton Brewery: Trolltunga (Gooseberry Sour IPA) 6.3% UK
  • Twisted Barrel x Hop Hideout x Sheffield Beer Week: Slurple Haze 5.8% (NE Style IPA) UK
  • The Kernel: IPA Ekuanot Vic Secret 6.7% UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Demonali IPA 7.2% UK
  • Mad Hatter: Toxteth IPA 6.5% UK
  • The Kernel: Pale Ale (Centennial, Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic) 5.6% UK
  • Cloudwater Brew Co: NW DIPA Citra 9.0% UK
  • Buxton Brewery: Sonrisa (Clenentine & Lemon juice ale) 4.7% UK
  • Mad Hatter: Tzatziki Sour (Cucumber, Mint Sour) 4.2% UK
  • The Kernel: IPA (Simcoe) 7.3% UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Psychokinesis (IPA) 6.5% UK
  • Kirkstall: Three Swords (Pale Ale) 4.7% UK
  • Beavertown Brewery: Bloody 'Ell (Fruit IPA) 7.2% UK
  • Abbeydale x Magic Rock Brewing x Siren x NMBCo: 4 Degrees of Separation (IPA) 7% UK
  • Thornbridge Brewery: Mango Halcyon (Fruit IPA) 7.4% UK
  • Buxton Brewery: Axe Edge (IPA) 6.8% UK
  • Alpha State: Bitterljuv (Red IPA) 6.8% UK
  • Chouffe: Soleil (Blonde) 6% Belgium
  • Galway Bay: Althea (Session Pale) 4.8% Ireland
  • Cloudwater: V13 (DIPA) 9% UK
  • Green Flash Brewing: West Coast IPA 8.1% USA
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Demonali (West coast IPA) 7.2% UK
  • Steel City x Lost Industry: Master of Puppets (Imperial Pale Stout) 11.5% UK
  • Mad Hatter Brewing Co: Lick Face (American pale ale) 4.0% UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing X Arizona Wildwerness: Cross-Pollination (Heather honey IPA) 7.4% UK x US
  • Weird Beard x Brussels Beer Project: Don't worry Bee Heavy (Scotch Style Ale Smoked Malt, Honey) 7.8% UK x Belgium
  • Elusive Brewing: Sphere of Destiny (Session IPA) 4.4% UK
  • Beavertown x 40FT: Dick (Lichtenhainer Smoky, Sour, Wheat Ale) 4% UK
  • Elusive Brewing: Sphere of Destiny (Session IPA) 4.4% UK
  • Runaway: Pale Ale 4.7% UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Fantasma (IPA Gluten Free) 6.5% UK
  • Dry & Bitter: Dank & Juicy (IPA) 6.0% Denmark
  • Lervig: Lucky Jack (American Pale Ale) 4.7% Norway
  • NMBCo: Faith (Pale Ale) 5.4%
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Aprication (Apricot Wheat Beer) 5.4% UK
  • Cloudwater: V12 (DIPA) 9% UK
  • Siren Craft Brew: Liquid Mistress (Hoppy red ale) 5.8% UK
  • Zapato: HI (Citra, Mosaic, Oats Pale Ale) 5.2% UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Common Grounds ( Tripple coffee porter) 5.4% UK
  • Reubens Brews: Roasted Rye IPA ( Roasty chocolate and citrus hops) 7.0% US
  • Cloudwater: Birthday DIPA 9% UK
  • Pivovar Matuska: Zlata Raketa ( Columbus, Amarillo, Citra IPA) 7.0% CZ
  • Westmalle: Dubbel 7% Belgium
  • Gigantic Brewing: Pipewrench (IPA Gin Barrel Aged) 8.% US
  • Beavertown: Lupuloid (IPA) 6.7% UK
  • Buxton Brewery: Stronge Extra Stout 7.4% UK
  • Cloudwater: v11 (Double IPA) 9% UK
  • Dugges: High Five IPA 7.5% Sweden
  • Warpigs Brewpub: Lazurite IPA 7.4% Denmark
  • Warpigs Brewpub: 24 For Life 5.7% (Sour IPA) 5.7% Denmark
  • Brewski: Hallon Mango Feber (Mango Session IPA) 5.5% Sweden
  • Redemption x Weird Beard: South Pacific Pale Ale 6.7% UK
  • De Molen: Framboos & Framblij (Raspberry Choc Ale) 6.6% Holland
  • De Molen: 30 Grams (IPA, 30g hops per litre) 6.7% Holland
  • Moor Beer Co: JJJ (Imperial Pale Ale) 9.0% UK
  • Weird Beard: Safe Stout (Chokeberry Stout) 7.7% UK
  • Mad Hatter x Headrow House: Mad House (Chocolate Banana Milkshake Stout) 5.5% UK
  • Marble Brewery: Carefully Planned Pale Ale (Australian Ryle Pale Ale) 4.8% UK
  • Magic Rock x Cloudwater: Big Dipper (DIPA) 8.3% UK
  • Verdant Brewing: Bloom (India Pale Ale) 6.5% UK
  • Cloudwater: V10 (Double IPA) UK
  • Siren Craft Brew: Broken Dream (Breakfast Stout) 6.5% UK
  • Buxton Brewery: Wyoming Sheep Ranch (Double India Pale Ale) 9% UK
  • Magic Rock x Ska Brewing: House of Mirrors (Pale Ale) 5.7% UK
  • North Brewing Co: Full Fathom 5  (Coconut Coffee Porter)  6.5% UK
  • Fourpure: Juicebox Citrus IPA 5.9% (Fruit IPA) 5.9% UK
  • Wild Beer Co x Lervig: Trendy Juice IPA (East Coast IPA-ish, high haze, juicy, low bitterness) 5.7% UK/Norway
  • Mad Hatter: Lick Face 4.0% (Pale Ale) UK
  • Dry & Bitter: Up-Rising IPA 6.5% (IPA) Denmark)
  • Brodies x Mikkeller: Big Mofo Stout 10.5% (Impy stout, cranberry) UK/Denmark
  • Mallinsons: G1000 4.1% (1000th gyle 10 x 'C' hops pale) UK
  • Magic Rock Brewing: Hypnotist 6.8% (IPA) UK
  • Omnipollo: Noa 11% (Pecan mud cake Impy stout) Sweden
  • Mad Hatter x Hop Hideout x Karkli: Toncoco Loco 5.3% (coconut & tonka bean porter) UK
  • The Kernel: Table Beer 3.0% (Citra, Chinook pale ale) UK
  • Cloudwater: V8 DIPA 9% (Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Simcoe, Chinook) UK
  • Cloudwater: V9 DIPA 9% (Citra & Simcoe lupulin powder) UK
  • Alphabet Brewing Co: Kings Blood 5.3% (#CollabFest2016 Brewdog Leicester collab. Irish red ale with pomegranate. Red berry fruit, roasted hint and bite, smooth. Manchester, UK)
  • Alphabet Brewing Co: BA Crate Digger 10% (Big roasted coffee stout, amped up and rounded off with Jim Beam vanilla tones. One of six kegs. Manchester, UK)
  • Alphabet Brewing Co: Flat White 7.4% (White breakfast stout. Huge fruity coffee aroma, smooth oatmeal and lactose mouthfeel. Manchester, UK)
  • Mad Hatter Brewing: Double Penny Lane 7.4% (500th brew celebration. Tropical hopped, balanced sweet and bitterness, extremely moreish. Liverpool, UK)
  • Alpha State: EPA Toyomidori 5.3% English pale ale (light, herbal, biscuit maltiness. Kent, UK)
  • Weird Beard: Mariana Trench 5.3% Transpacific pale ale
  • Beavertown: Lupuloid 6.7% IPA
  • Buxton Brewery x Way Brewing: Brazilian Banana Sultana 10% Imperial porter
  • The Kernel: Pale Ale Enigma, Mosaic, Simcoe 5.3%
  • Magic Rock: Inhaler 4.5% UK
  • Two Beers: Wonderland IPA 7.1% USA
  • Arbor Ales: Hoploader 4% (UK)
  • Reubens: American Rye IPA 5.4% USA
  • Beavertown: Lupuloids IPA 6.9% UK
  • Cloudwater: IPA Citra 6.5%
  • Buxton Brewery: Mango & Tangerine fruit IPA 7.2% UK
  • Buxton Brewery: Peach & Lime fruit IPA 7.2% UK
  • Oud Beersel: Oude Vieux Lambic 6.0% One year old Belgian lambic. Sour, lemony notes, golden in colour with low carbonation. 
  • Bavik-De Brandebere: Petrus Aged Pale Aged 7.3% Aged for two and a half years in oak foeders, this pale sour ale is an absolute exquisite classic. 
  • Abbeydale Brewery: Rango Mango 4% UK. Signature series Berliner Weisse from Abbeydale brewer Jim Rangeley with mango & Galaxy hops
  • Northern Monk Brew Co x Hop Hideout x Tom J Newell: Watermelon Crush 4% Our 3rd birthday collab brew only 1 of 6 kegs. With fruity and strawberry-esque hops Belma & Huell Melon plus juniper berries, watermelon & cucumber
  • Lervig: Cafe Sur (Berliner Weisse with coffee) 4% Norway. Cold brew coffee adds the fruity coffee flavour without the bitterness. Mind boggling
  • Magic Rock Brewing: High Wire (Us hopped pale ale) 5.5% UK Well, we thought we better leave a tasty pale on for in-between those sour ones!
  • Reubens Brews: Daily Pale, Session IPA 4.9% USA
  • De Molen x Pizza Port: Pepperoni Pizza Porter (Dark smoked malt & chilli porter 6.3%) Holland/USA
  • Cloudwater: DIPA version 6 (double IPA) 9% UK

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